History of Vanity numbers


Vanity numbers are immensely popular with both big and small businesses. Vanity numbers are special telephone numbers that are toll free for the calling party and the charges are paid by the called party.  These toll-free numbers are assigned from a special dialing prefix range also known as area code such as 1-800, 800, 0800, 855, 866, 877 and 888.

Vanity numbers are also popular because they offer customers a free way to get in touch with the company to purchase products, ask questions to know more about products and services, request service and more. Toll free vanity numbers like 1-800-FLOWERS acts as a great marketing tool because it clearly spells out the company’s name and nature of business.

A toll-free service was originated in the United States on May 2, 1967 by AT&T as an alternative to collect calling and to reduce the need for operators. AT&T referred to the service as IN-WATS (Inward Wide-Area Telephone Service). In U.S. these numbers are known as toll-free numbers or 800 numbers, but for the rest of the world they were known as freephone numbers. 800 Toll-Free (Inward-WATS) was introduced in Canada during 1969-70.

As more businesses started recognizing the advantages of using toll free numbers they became very popular and demand for toll free 800 numbers raised immensely. And by 1996 the supply of 800 numbers was almost exhausted which resulted in the introduction of 888 numbers. However, demand continued to increase and in 1998, 877 numbers were also introduced. Afterwards 855 and 866 prefixes were also released to meet the increasing demand. 844, 833 and 822 are also reserved for toll free use.

Earlier these toll free vanity numbers weren’t portable but today they are portable thus not affected by area codes.

Definition of Vanity 800 Numbers


Vanity numbers or phonewords are also known as vanity 800 numbers in the USA. These toll free numbers are telephone numbers that consist of a word or phrase made up of the alphanumeric characters on a telephone keypad.

Vanity toll free number is a magical combination of letters and numbers that describes company name or business. For instance, if a business specializes in pet grooming may choose 1-800-PET-CARE or if a business deals in making and selling candies the company may choose 1-800-SWEET4U or 1-800-CANDY4U or if a business e


xists to repair automobiles may choose 1-800-FIX-CARS or 1-800-AUTOFIX.

Vanity numbers are easy to remember over random telephone numbers. Customers tend to recognize vanity 800 numbers more as compared to a numeric phone number such as 1-866-348-7934. Businesses use easily recognizable 1-800 vanity numbers as a branding and a direct response tool in their advertising tactics.

Vanity 800 numbers are also available with call screening, call recording, call forwarding, call tracking and auto attending of calls and these features act as a direct response tools allowing Vanity Phone Numberbusinesses to verify where their incoming call traffic is coming from.

Call tracking details allows businesses owners to assemble a database of leads, access demographic information on callers, examine a wide range of call data, better allocate personnel based on calling patterns, analyze advertisement campaign results and export data into other programs.

With the increasing popularity of vanity 800 numbers many businesses has started targeting phone and web users together by linking vanity toll free number to a web site of the same text. For instance, Caramel has vanity number 1800-Caramel and the web site http://www.1800caramel.com .

Catalyze your business growth with Vanity Number


As per research, vanity number is more easily memorable than a random phone number. Vanity number is bunch of a few special digits and letters that looks like the name of a company or person making it comparatively easier to remember. Usually, vanity numbers are extensively used by firms as a direct-response tool to reach out to their customer base. To know the feedback or solve clients’ problems, vanity shows really high usability these days and most of the corporates are exploiting it to attract more potential customers as it has smarter and wider access to their target audience.  Firms using vanity numbers have proven to have become more popular and shown an exponential growth in their business. It’s just another way to advertise or promote your business which ensures a significant leap in response rate of your advertisements and queries. Moreover, it maintains and increases your brand value.

Not to mention, vanity numbers are usually toll-free services, i.e., customers don’t have to pay for all the calls they make on a particular company’s vanity number.

Getting an apt vanity number that suits your business the best is a hard nut to crack. But you need not worry as there are many reliable providers available on the world wide web which are providing vanity number services. So if you are planning to get one for your business, then it’s time to materialize your plan. Hurry up before someone else register the number and name which you are looking for!

Are you having an issue in selecting an appropriate vanity number?


Vanity numbers are widely used by establishments and companies to promote their business. Vanity numbers are easy to remember and due to its increased memorability of these toll free numbers they act as a great advertising tool and are most preferred by big establishments and businesses. Since vanity numbers has become a necessity for every business today so while choosing a vanity number it becomes important to keep certain points in mind. There are very limited numbers and letters available to create a magical vanity number so before deciding a vanity number a lot of mind storming has to be done. There is a proper procedure that should be followed while choosing a correct vanity number for your business and they are as follows: –

What business you are into?

Before choosing a perfect customer 800 number the very first step is to analyze the need of your business. You need to jot down everything that your business sells, or does, or is about.

Who is your target customer?

The second step is choosing your target audience. You need to decide whether your services and products or both are gender based or are geographically based or age based. When you are clear about your target audience then only you’ll be able to choose a perfect vanity number for your business.

Expected usage of the vanity number!

Before choosing your service provider for vanity number you first need to decide your budget and usage of number. Usage can be decided keeping in mind that whether the number will be used for direct selling or feedback or enquiries. In addition to this you need to decide about the services needed on your vanity number such as call blocking, call tracing etc. Always keep handy number of options for the magical combination of words and numbers because the number chosen by you might not be available.

Finding vanity 800 number is not that hard


Getting a vanity 800 number is the best thing you can do for boosting your business in a competitive world as small things can make big difference. Vanity 800 numbers have become so popular these days with all genres of business that it has become one of the most vital marketing as well as customer relationship tool that hugely affects market presence and brand value. Now the first step in acquiring a vanity 800 number is to search for one that perfectly suits your brand name and will surely be re callable by the clients, future customers and business associates who put great faith in your products. Whether you are in the small, mid-sized or large sized business; getting a good vanity number always pays off in the long so it should be chosen wisely keeping in mind that huge chunk of the audience will use it for solving their queries and clearing any doubts.

You can search for vanity 800 numbers online on various portals created for this very purpose and it does hugely save on time and effort put into the tedious task of choosing vanity number for your toll free communication line that binds your customers with your company. The trick in finding good vanity numbers is to make sure you are searching for them on a good vanity number search tool website which will simplify your search as well as give you the best recommendations based on search queries.