5 Ways Vanity Number Can Help Grow Your Business


sales-tools-sidebarEvery business wants to develop ways to make more customers, improve sales and increase overall profit. One of the most tested methods to successfully do it is a well-planned advertising and marketing strategy. This ensures that your product will reach as many potential customers as possible and become a brand with time.

Having a vanity 800 number is such an essential part of most business policies. In fact, many businesses have already taken vanity phone numbers that customers find quite convenient to remember and use. Plus, this highly effectual customer-response tool helps you in many ways to make your advertising strategies more efficient and reliable.

Keep Track of all Incoming Calls

Your marketing and advertising campaigns will not give expected results if you are not able to analyze how well your print ads, radio agrowing_businessnd TV spots are doing. To make your efforts fetch desired results, you can take a vanity 800 numbers that helps you carry out thorough tracking analysis of all your incoming calls.

All 800 vanity numbers generate call-tracking reports providing detailed and complete information regarding your incoming calls. This way you can easily figure out the location of your callers, which markets your business is doing excellent in. This also helps you identify the busiest times and where you need to put extra efforts in terms of advertisements and building customers.

Get Contacts and Profiles of Your Callers 

You may need contacts, addresses and demographic profiles of callers while preparing mail and advertising strategy. The detailed track of calls your vanity 800 number generates always has detailed information about your callers including their contact numbers, names, physical addresses, household incomes and home values.

You can utilize this information to make your advertisement and marketing campaign more authentic by making it fully based on real and precise demographic profiles and geographical locations. You’ll be able to predict where the customers that should be given more attention and promotional offers are located and what the overall scope of success for your promotion program is!

Call Recording for Customer Satisfaction and Quality Purpose

Quality of service is probably the first thing that decides the course of success or failure of a business. Considering this, you can try recording all the calls that come in. This will enable you to monitor the quality of sales and customer services you are offering.

Also, since your vanity number has all your caller and customer information in record, you can easily access it even if you could not note down contact details of a particular customer. So, all you have to do is play a recording whenever you need any important information that’s missing.


Improve Advertising Performance and Highlight Your Product

Apart from making your customer services a good user experience for your customers, your vanity 800 number works as an outstanding customer response tool while you advertise and market your product. Once people learn through ads that you have a toll free vanity number, you’ll register an increase in customer calls by over 60%. Also, these 1-800 vanity numbers help your customers know what you are offering and how they can contact you.

Lead Generation with Vanity Numbers


Today’s competitive environment requires every business to work on a distinctive basis and make the right moves to stay ahead in the competition. The task is not so easy, and requires a well planned strategy and adequate resources to put everything in order.

When we talk about resources, the list can be endless, but if we think about that on e resource, which can quickly lead us to the customers, without too much effort and without spending too many dollars, the answer is Vanity numbers. It is a revolutionary innovation that has re-defined the concept of marketing.

It was around five years ago when vanity numbers came into existence for the first time. Since then they have become one of the most important tools for customer lead generation. There is nothing as useful as these numbers for getting in touch with the prospective customers.

Why are Vanity numbers used in lead generation?

Vanity numbers hold a definite recall value with the customers and the reason why mo re people can be lured into using the brand or the product. To put it more clearly, a vanity number is designed using the company’s name, product name, product description or probably the company’s acronym. Therefor e, each vanity number is totally distinct and has its own separate recall value.

You can easily make out from the vanity number, which company or product it is representing. If customers are able to remember the number, the chance of them calling back for more product information is but obvious. This allows marketers to generate customer leads more effectively.

Vanity numbers are a sure shot way to increase response to any type of business promotion. According to various independent research results, vanity numbers increase the response rate of advertisements of a company by 30% or even more. The numbers reinforce the brand name every time they strike the mind of a prospect.

It is left to the marketing team thereon to cash on the opportunities created by vanity numbers. Once enough lead data is collected by the company, it becomes very easy to search in detail about the identity and preferences of the customers.

Generally, it has been observed the world over that businesses using vanity or toll-free numbers receive more query calls than otherwise. Customers use these toll free numbers to ask about the product quotations, product details, customer services and special offers.

A company using a vanity or toll free number is usually perceived to be providing high end services to its customers. The more convenient it is to recall a number, the more successful your vanity number campaign is likely to be.

Once a large number of prospects start communicating with the company using its vanity number, the marketing team gets a larger databank of customer leads. If used properly, these leads can help your company to further plan a better marketing strategy, which would result in more profits, without much extra cost or effort.

Using vanity numbers for lead generation

A company can advertise its vanity number through the medium of television, radio, newspapers, magazines, internet, word of mouth or promotional campaigns on ground. The only factor worth noting is that Ad Campaigns Should Have the Right Response Tools —

Therefore, in the end we can conclude that vanity numbers if used properly, will not only ensure increased customer responses, but also help marketers to track customer preferences and choices more effectively.

Selecting the best Vanity Number for Business Promotion


In the competitive market, what sells the most is confirmed with what people know the most, or are familiar with the most. So,in order to be the word of every mouth, businesseshave to invest a lot in marketing and advertising. Talking about marketing and advertising, there is nothing that helps in building brand recognition than toll free vanity phone numbers.

How to select Vanity phone number
Find 800 numbersMost telephone companies sell vanity phone numbers, but one name that has made its mark, par above the others, in regard, is 800PHONESTAR. So, you don’t have to run around aimlessly when you want to find 800 numbers or vanity phone numbers, now you know where to find them. All kinds of available 800 numbers and available 1 800 numbers, which will be suffixed with the businesses name or the genre of the business, can be either leased or purchased from 800PHONESTAR.

The businesses willing to find available 800 numbers or are checking out for the vanity phone number availability (as you may like), can get over to 800PHONESTAR, find the available 800 numbers or can find 1 800 number, and register it with its name or service. There is nothing involved in getting a vanity number, the process is simple and the results are endless.

The businesses willing to find available 800 numbers or are checking out for the vanity phone number availability (as you may like), can get over to 800PHONESTAR, find the available 800 numbers or can find 1 800 number, and register it with its name or service. There is nothing involved in getting a vanity number, the process is simple and the results are endless.
800 numbers
As soon as you have a vanity number for your business, you will begin to recognize the difference it will make in comparison to the other advertising campaigns and marketing strategies you have had in operation for over a period.

The toll free vanity number will instantly boost the number of enquiry call for the business and its products. The vanity number, being easy to recall increase that number of audience that gets in touch with the business, this is boosted by the fact that the 800 numbers or 1 800 numbers are free to call and customers are not charged anything.

Benefits of vanity phone numbers

Building a brand m800PHONESTAReans you have to give your customers something that they remember and call whenever they want. This is where a vanity phone number will give your business an edge over the other competitors, just because vanity phone numbers are free to use and are very easy to remember. Being easy to recall and toll free to use, Vanity 800 numbers attract a larger consumer base to get in touch with the business and know about its products as and when needed.

The more customers contact with the business the more aware people are becoming about your business and products. So, with every call via your vanity phone number means more publicity and more customers. Vanity number being easy to remember (as they are alpha numeric characters, either naming your business of best defining it) tend to get more response from customers, and also because while calling using a vanity phone number, customer pays nothing, he is more likely to call and enquire about the product and services.

Are you having an issue in selecting an appropriate vanity number?


Vanity numbers are widely used by establishments and companies to promote their business. Vanity numbers are easy to remember and due to its increased memorability of these toll free numbers they act as a great advertising tool and are most preferred by big establishments and businesses. Since vanity numbers has become a necessity for every business today so while choosing a vanity number it becomes important to keep certain points in mind. There are very limited numbers and letters available to create a magical vanity number so before deciding a vanity number a lot of mind storming has to be done. There is a proper procedure that should be followed while choosing a correct vanity number for your business and they are as follows: –

What business you are into?

Before choosing a perfect customer 800 number the very first step is to analyze the need of your business. You need to jot down everything that your business sells, or does, or is about.

Who is your target customer?

The second step is choosing your target audience. You need to decide whether your services and products or both are gender based or are geographically based or age based. When you are clear about your target audience then only you’ll be able to choose a perfect vanity number for your business.

Expected usage of the vanity number!

Before choosing your service provider for vanity number you first need to decide your budget and usage of number. Usage can be decided keeping in mind that whether the number will be used for direct selling or feedback or enquiries. In addition to this you need to decide about the services needed on your vanity number such as call blocking, call tracing etc. Always keep handy number of options for the magical combination of words and numbers because the number chosen by you might not be available.