Making most use of your new vanity number


If you run a business, the primary motive you have at hand is to make a market for yourself and to create a brand. This means you will be required to attract the attention of the consumers and then provide them with what is promised. Because most business will provide what they promise, without a doubt, the whole scenario to make a market and build a brand rests on grabbing the attention of the customer.

Without a doubt advertisement is the best way to attract consumer attention and build upon the brand. Advertisement is the best way to create an impression about the company and its product – but advertisements are not very lasting and personally satisfying to the customer. This is where vanity 800 phone numbers come in and have an impact to make.
vanity 800 phone numbers Vanity 800 phone numbers are easy to recall and free to use. With vanity phone numbers, companies can create their own customized numbers which are easy to remember for the customers and have a significant existence with respect to the business or company name. Being easy to remember (when compared with regular phone numbers) and free to call, the vanity 800 phone numbers make it more lucrative for customers to contact the company and enquire about the product and services they have at offer.

Vanity phone numbers instantly add instrumentally to the calls, inquiries and responses that the company receives from customers. Thus, vanity phone numbers are directly responsible for building a company’s instant brand recognition and credibility. Vanity 800 phone numbers are thus every company’s first and foremost step towards building relation with the customers and building the brand recognition in the market.

Vanity numbers can thus be the first real contact with the customers, which besides advertisements can increase sales revenues. Vanity 800 phone numbers have become really common for companies (both new and old), who are relying on these numbers to increase their brand recognition, rate of response they get from the customers and ultimately their sales, which adds to the company’s credibility.

So, how do businesses make the most of company’s credibility vanity 800 phone numbers? The first real step is to get in touch with a company providing these toll free numbers and getting you business a toll free vanity number instantly.

The vanity 800 phone numbers, unlike helplines, are more valuable and meaningful. Being a combination of alpha-numeric numbers of the brand as opposed to a string of meaningless 10 digit numbers, the vanity 800 phone numbers are more personal, easy to remember, and being toll free more like to get response from the customer.vanity 800 phone numbers

To make the most of the vanity 800 phone numbers have your company name included in the number. This makes the consumer identify your business, which in most cases will be symbolic to the name. Vanity number uses letters on the phone’s dial to spell out name of the business.

It is also important to have vanity 800 phone number, because unlike other advertising campaigns that yield results in the long run, the vanity numbers have instant results which can be reported to see the difference.

Definition of Vanity Numbers


Vanity numbers also known as phone words are alphanumeric equivalents of a telephone number.  A vanity phone number is a number that spells a particular word or phrase, usually a word or phrase that is related with that business product or service.

Vanity toll free number is a magical combination of letters and numbers that describes company name or business.  Such combination is easy to remember over random telephone numbers. Customers recognize vanity 800 numbers more as compared to a numeric phone number.

Vanity numbers are available with call screening, call recording, call forwarding, call tracking and auto attending of calls. These features act as a direct response tools allowing businesses to verify where their incoming call traffic is coming from.

Vanity 800 number helps in building company’s brand recognition. Due to increased memorability vanity numbers are most preferred by big business. In some cases high profile people and business tycoons also use vanity numbers because of the classy effect and luxurious element present in these numbers.

800, 888, 877, 866, and 855 toll free exchanges provide a number according to company’s need. These are very popular toll free numbers used in United States. Vanity numbers are toll free to the callers and are usually charged to the owner of the number. Vanity 800 numbers are easy to reach into the masses and are proven to increase response rates by 30-60%.

The most important benefit of vanity numbers is that they are cost effective business tools helping businesses directly or indirectly in increasing their sales and profit.

How to Get Vanity numbers?


Vanity numbers are alphanumeric equivalents of a telephone number. Vanity toll free number is a combination of letters and numbers that spells a particular word or phrase, usually a word or phrase that is related with that business product or service. Using these catchy words and phrases make vanity number easy to remember over standard phone numbers. Small business marketing strategies are very much affected by the use of vanity numbers in their businesses.


Vanity number helps in generating additional sales and avenues if selected properly. Before choosing a vanity number business owner should kept in mind the type of business he is into and the audience he wants to target. Words or phrases used in vanity number should not be homophones and mistakenly spelled words. Vanity numbers must be easy to comprehend when read aloud in verbal conversations or displayed in an electronic media.  While you select the body of vanity number keep two or three options handy with you because there might be the possibility that the combination of number, word or phrase chosen by you might be in use. There are many 800 vanity number service providers around you and approach one of them with the selected vanity numbers.


You need to make certain things clear to the service provider regarding the toll free number selected by you like what is your budget, how much will be the usage of vanity number and features to be incorporated in vanity number. Keeping all these things in mind the service provider will give you the best vanity number suiting you business or need. You can even lease a number from your service provider. Many companies that provide vanity numbers specialize in the set up of toll free numbers and can route calls depending on the time of the day or on the basis of caller id of the caller. In some cases vanity numbers are shared between clients that are used within certain geographic areas. Many service providers have started providing low cost vanity numbers to their customers through computer based telephony where calls are send to computer or interne phone using internet connections. Toll free vanity numbers are issued on first come first serve basis by the service provider.


Carefully and properly selected vanity numbers helps in generating additional sales and avenues and promoting your business. 800 vanity numbers also helps in creating a powerful and memorable media campaign. Toll free vanity numbers improves the visibility, credibility and accessibility of your business. The best thing about vanity numbers is that they are permanent and are not affected by area codes and new locations. Another striking thing about vanity toll free numbers is that the charges of calling are paid by the called party instead of the calling party. 800 vanity numbers are cost-effective and easy to set-up and can be used by everyone for any purpose.