Latest Marketing Tips for Business


No business can survive without performing marketing, advertising and branding activities. Many businesses spend a lot of money on business branding, marketing etc. to generate immediate and future sales. There are some traditional, conventional and proven ways of marketing and advertising but it is worth trying latest marketing techniques for the growth of your business.

Internet marketing is the latest marketing technique these days. Participating in social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinekdIn, sending e-mails, writing content and blog, taking online interviews, publishing press releases, guest posting etc. are the most happening activities on internet.

Participating in social activities for example bringing up some talent and sponsoring the talent or organizing health camps, promoting educational activities, showing your presence in local fairs and festivals, donating charity, joining hands with the organizations, NGO’s who works for the upliftment of society and environment etc. are some other business promoting activities.

Another latest trend of marketing is involving some high profile person or a big shot from the public domain and designating him or her as a brand ambassador or brand advocate.

The last but not the least latest marketing tip is owning a vanity number to promote your business or company. This is the most cost-effective tool of promoting and branding your business. A vanity number makes your brand name or business easily memorable because of the combination of numbers and catchy phrases used in it. Toll free gives prestige, credibility and accessibility to any business. It easily and effectively increases the customer base of any company or business which ultimately enhances the profitability of the company.

Vanity Numbers and Business Promotion go hand in hand


If you think that vanity number is just like any other ordinary phone number then you might be missing out on a very potent tool for business promotion. As you know that vanity numbers are associated with easy remember ability and recall rate in the mind of the customers or ones who can be prospect customers in the future. If one chooses a vanity number that exactly portrays what the brand is about then it can be one of the most effective tools in promoting ones business among the masses without much effort. As a part of business promotion vanity numbers can be used with television media, newspaper, hoardings or billboards along with other advertising media.

For any type of business the most important thing is to create a positive brand image and recall ability in mind of customers so that they associate themselves with the brand name. To do this one has to promote the brand in a very measured manner so that there are no blemishes in the image which tarnishes the prospects of the brand beyond repair. Having a vanity number makes sure your business promotion strategies are finely in tune with your sales goals and it also gives your brand recognition amongst customers. Vanity numbers have been known to increase business promotion results and consequently sales by almost three times, so you can get an idea of the potential they carry when it comes to business promotion.