What are the Benefits of Vanity Phone Numbers for your Business?


Not many business owners are aware of the fact that they can easily find vanity numbers for lease. Yes, if an organization doesn’t have complete control on a toll free vanity number they can always get vanity phone numbers on lease. So, considering that many businesses have benefited from the use of vanity numbers, let’s hit down to read the benefits of vanity phone numbers before you make a choice to pick a vanity number on lease.
Brand building means giving customers something to rem

ember, which will compel them to get back to you over anvanity numbers d over again. Having a vanity phone number really helps a business in such a brand building process and allows the business to get that much needed edge over its competitors. These toll free 800 phone numbers make it easier for all customers to con

tact you when they need. But because the vanity numbers are free of cost and easy to remember they also attract a larger audience to contact you to learn more abou

t your brand.

As the business beings to get more and more calls through vanity phone number, you can be sure that your brand building process has began as, the process of calling will not only stop here. People will spread the easy to remember vanity numbers to other people by word of mouth, which will increase brand image even more.

Vanity toll free numbers are basically alphanumeric number

s, which are equivalents of standard telephone numbers. Each phone keyboard has letters corresponding to each digit; these letters corresponding to the particular phone number form an alphanumeric combination or word, which is a vanity phone number.

There are many vanity phone numbers advantages – one of the main advantages of vanity phone numbers in comparison to the standard phone numbers is that, vanity phone numbers being alphanumeric make it easier for customers and clients to remember the number and understand the nature of business. This increase in memorability enhances consumers’ response to advertising by good 30 to 60 percent.

Benefits of Vanity Phone Numbers

Brand name: Every business which wants to make its brand name in the market needs to use vanity phone numbers because vanity numbers attract new customers with their easy to remember and cost free features. Being easy to remember, the vanity numbers help increase brand name with word of mouth, as it is easy for customers to tell about your business and product to all prospective customers as the phone number which is an identity of your business is so easy to remember.

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Brand promotion: How you promote your brand and how much that promotion helps determines how much the brand has succeeded in the market. A vanity number chosen according to the nature of business and market scenarios helps

both in branding and in promotion of the business. Vanity number helps promote your business as it brings credibility because of which customers are assured about the product and service your business offers.

Brand identity: As explained, vanity numbers help in increasing the response to the brand’s offering. A higher response rate because of vanity nu

mbers means more visibility and increasing brand identity.

Vanity number lookup tools are readily available on the internet


Vanity numbers are becoming ever so popular these days and the trick in owning one is to have a vanity number which truly compliments your business genre and brand value. Searching for a vanity number can be quite a headache and at times you can be spoiled for choices too, in such situations you need to perform vanity number look-up very carefully as it can be a determinant in your businesses future prospects. Choosing attractive and interesting vanity number acts as a two way sword because it is easily memorized by the existing customers or future prospect clients and convenient for you as well. For getting a good vanity number for your website you can search for them on vanity number look up websites available on the web which tell you if the number you desire is available or not. This saves registration time on and also gives the option for ready to use numbers.

Normally when you are looking for an exact match for your choice of vanity number it is not available, but in a way it is blessing in disguise as you get even better options which you might have never thought of. Digging deep for vanity numbers should be one’s prime focus if the vision is to escalate the sales and increase brand visibility among the masses, so vanity number lookup tools act as a potent tool in searching one. Toll free number search has become very easy these days as you can look-up for vanity numbers sitting in the cozy confines of your office or home.