How will a good Vanity Number help my business?



Since, the only ideal way to maximize customer base is through marketing, vanity toll-free numbers promise to rapidly expand marketing potential of your organization. In addition to marketing across traditional platforms, you want to give customers a point of contact, which they can carry back in their memory and can use to communicate with you whenever they desire. In this case, vanity numbers with the alpha-numeric property have become skin savers.

When it relates to your business, it’s basically branding that you are gunning for. A good vanity toll-free number is thus very important. A well thought up vanity number not only gives your customers a free method to contact you, it also leaves a lasting impression on them. The vanity number name recognition makes your business more identifiable amid customers – here’s how:

• Brand recognition

Just as good domain name makes a decent impression online, a good vanity number creates prestige instantly. This is true with all kinds of vanity numbers, which then promote brand recognition, since these numbers are easy to associate with and they are equally simple to remember.

• Wider reach and market presence

Who doesn’t want that additional edge over the competitors? A market where your business has far wider reach and presence! A good vanity number gives larger than life impression, it makes customers believe that you are an established business with larger prospective. As customers can reach you free of cost, any time they desire, you can reap benefits of direct marketing.

• Customer recognition and credibility

Vanity number plays a big role in increasing referral marketing for your business. Vanity numbers are an easy way to spread word-of-mouth and upsurge repeat customers. This is possible because using vanity number, customers can remember how to reach you for repeated orders, or to learn more about your services. And because vanity numbers are easy to remember your customers can tell others about how to reach you for the product or service you render.

• Increase customer response rate

Now that you have understood vanity numbers help business build stronger relations with customers, it is fitting to know that being toll-free and easy to remember, vanity numbers also increase the customer response ratio. Vanity number offers real-time call tracking reports and a considerable amount of advertising with a good vanity number can easily increase your business’ response rate by almost 20-40 percent and sometimes even more.

How to get a good vanity number to help your business?

One thing that we have repeatedly laid emphasis here in the article is on choice of good vanity number. Amid numerous 800 vanity numbers (or whatever the prefix), how do you put a finger on one number that can help you?

Vanity numbers as you understand are a combination of numbers and alphabets. Beginning with a prefix number, these can have useful words or numbers in an easy to recall combination. E.g. 800-DENTIST, 877-444-4000 or 800-490-SHOE.

  • You must ensure that the number you are choosing is relevant to your business and easy to remember. It should clearly convey what your business does.
  • Avoid using unique spelling and hybrid numbers which can be confusing to customers.
  • Look up for a service that can provide your combination of number at the least possible (lease or sale) price.
  • Pre-order the number, this will secure your desired number for your business.

Keeping these quick tips in mind, you will surely arrive at a good vanity number that can help your business grow manifold.

5 Telemarketing Tips Business Owners Should Know About



The way you communicate or interact with your customers certainly has a great impact on the success or failure of your business. If you aspire to draw more people through telemarketing, here are some tips you must take a look at:

1. Your First Step should be Defining the Target Market

A successful business is all +++porate house, instead of a teenage girl, your phone call is likely to be rejected.

2. Determine Competition Against Your Business In The Market

Now that you are done with your targeted market and working terms, you need to start working on your prepared plan. Research in detail about the level of competition against your business rivals and how to get hold a share of the market.

In telemarketing, it is not just the phone call you make, but the way you approach and the services you provide that makes a potential difference.


3. Build a Strong Team of Tele Callers

A successful business is a reflection of efficient, hardworking team that puts in efforts to set the service standards high. In telemarketing the importance of briefing and building a professional team becomes more important.

Telesales of any company are virtually dependent upon the working of your tele callers. Moreover, it’s important that you design the team that focuses on ongoing communication and come up with open questions when making calls.
For successful telemarketing, the questions should be related to the customer first and then business development, and at anytime your calls should never sound like that you are overselling your services.

4. Know Well That Personalized Marketing Leaves More impact on Potential Customers

Every business competitor in any industry today tries to gain edge customer attention through enhanced services. This is where tele marketing can play an important role. Let your customers know why selecting your services is more convenient than the others. With telemarketing you can create a direct point of contact and if customers like the personalized experience, they are sure to bring in more business.

5. Learn To Have Patience For Result May Take Some Time

To become a leader with telemarketing, you need to be realistic about business expectations and set objectives that you can complete. Alongside your proposed business plans, you need to understand the importance of setting objectives and be more consistent with your services. With telemarketing, you need to understand that profits are not going to flow overnight.

What are the Benefits of Vanity Phone Numbers for your Business?


Not many business owners are aware of the fact that they can easily find vanity numbers for lease. Yes, if an organization doesn’t have complete control on a toll free vanity number they can always get vanity phone numbers on lease. So, considering that many businesses have benefited from the use of vanity numbers, let’s hit down to read the benefits of vanity phone numbers before you make a choice to pick a vanity number on lease.
Brand building means giving customers something to rem

ember, which will compel them to get back to you over anvanity numbers d over again. Having a vanity phone number really helps a business in such a brand building process and allows the business to get that much needed edge over its competitors. These toll free 800 phone numbers make it easier for all customers to con

tact you when they need. But because the vanity numbers are free of cost and easy to remember they also attract a larger audience to contact you to learn more abou

t your brand.

As the business beings to get more and more calls through vanity phone number, you can be sure that your brand building process has began as, the process of calling will not only stop here. People will spread the easy to remember vanity numbers to other people by word of mouth, which will increase brand image even more.

Vanity toll free numbers are basically alphanumeric number

s, which are equivalents of standard telephone numbers. Each phone keyboard has letters corresponding to each digit; these letters corresponding to the particular phone number form an alphanumeric combination or word, which is a vanity phone number.

There are many vanity phone numbers advantages – one of the main advantages of vanity phone numbers in comparison to the standard phone numbers is that, vanity phone numbers being alphanumeric make it easier for customers and clients to remember the number and understand the nature of business. This increase in memorability enhances consumers’ response to advertising by good 30 to 60 percent.

Benefits of Vanity Phone Numbers

Brand name: Every business which wants to make its brand name in the market needs to use vanity phone numbers because vanity numbers attract new customers with their easy to remember and cost free features. Being easy to remember, the vanity numbers help increase brand name with word of mouth, as it is easy for customers to tell about your business and product to all prospective customers as the phone number which is an identity of your business is so easy to remember.

toll free 800 phone

Brand promotion: How you promote your brand and how much that promotion helps determines how much the brand has succeeded in the market. A vanity number chosen according to the nature of business and market scenarios helps

both in branding and in promotion of the business. Vanity number helps promote your business as it brings credibility because of which customers are assured about the product and service your business offers.

Brand identity: As explained, vanity numbers help in increasing the response to the brand’s offering. A higher response rate because of vanity nu

mbers means more visibility and increasing brand identity.

Guide to Sell Top Notch Toll free Vanity Number


Toll free 800 phone numbers have now becoming necessary components of advertising and brand marketing strategies. Vanity phone number availability is often a narrow possibilityas small, medium and large scale businesses struggle to find the appropriate combination. You can sign-up for some easy-to-remember 800 phone numbers suitable for branding and sell them at a margin.

Toll free 800 phone numbers

1-800 Toll-free Vanity Phone Numbers are Most Profitable

Vanity numbers with less than 7 characters are considered to be most expensive combinations. 1-800 toll free numbers with no more than 7 characters are number one choice for businesses followed by 1-777 and 1-888. Such numbers can be easily sold at a very high margin. The problem, however, is that being the first to grab such combination is not easy at all! You’ll have to be both creative and vigilant to be able to get your hands on numbers that many medium and large scale businesses would possibly want to use in future.

Determine the Value of the Vanity Phone Number You Have

The market value of a vanity number can be determined just like the way residential or commercial real estate properties are evaluated. A single vanity number can have hundreds of rental units. Since all rental units may not be profitable, you can choose to sell a few at a good price and use the rest for maximum promotion. For example, if a vanity number can do extremely well in New York and Georgia, you can sell it to two firms operating in these states and hand it over to several other businesses in remaining states at a low price.

Find Companies that Have Huge Advertising Budgets

Not all businesses can equally profit from a particular vanity number. If you’ve got a top notch vanity number that

  1. Does not violate any registered trademark in any case
  2. Has been trademarked already and
  3. Does not include any unethical word or indicate such meaning

You should reach out to businesses that can profit the most from this number. Naturally, such businesses would be willing to pay you the highest price for ownership or rental. Finding such businesses isn’t difficult. You can just prepare a list of potential companies in the related industry and narrow down to those who’ve maximum advertising budgets.


Negotiate Well

A good vanity number is a brand in itself. It has a built-in-message along with a quick contact route. Therefore, you should never underestimate its net worth. Negotiate well after having contacted 3 or 4 businesses to use a great vanity number you currently own.

It’s possible to carry out makeshift brokering of toll free 1800 vanity phone numbers but it doesn’t really help much. It’s a small time home business in which you’d be signing up for numbers (readily available for about 50 bucks per month) and let some businesses use them. It can be an easy source of income but surely not a big catch as in case of having the ownership of top notch toll free vanity number combinations.


Small Business Owners Shifting to Social Media for success



Social media has become part of our everyday life. Some statistics suggest that over 20% of adults visit a social website every day and business brands increasingly use social platforms as a way of reaching out to their customer base. Many studies also show that social media interactions have a direct impact on consumer-buying choices, which is transforming the retail market, advertising and global business overall.

Most of small business owners understand the importance of social media and use it to yield real results such as gaining customer feedback and boosting sales and profitability. There are numerous benefits of social media marketing for small business owners; they just need to use them in a structured and goal-oriented way.

Social network platforms are a very effective way of creating a sense of community with customers and gaining feedback about your products, your service and your business. Social media offers a brilliant way to promote particular product benefits and specially to introduce new ones. Social media costs considerably less to get in touch with several hundred Facebook fans than it does to send them a mail shot by post. Social media keeps you well informed about what competing businesses are doing as well as providing market intelligence.

It won’t be wrong to say that we are fortunate to live in an age where powerful tools allow us to connect directly with customers and prospects.  Facebook, Google+, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are transforming businesses with little or no costs.

Benefits of Vanity Phone Numbers


A vanity number has manifold advantages for all business whether it’s a small business or a big business. Acquiring a vanity number has not only become a trend but a necessity too. Vanity number is a must-have marketing tool to make your business presence stronger and to emerge as a leader in the business world. By incorporating a vanity number into your marketing tactics will give your business a competitive edge over your competition.

A vanity number is a specialized type of number made to spell out a specific word – usually the company name, product name, product description or possibly the company’s acronym.Image

Many companies spend hefty amount of money just to get noticed and make customers remember their brand name. And vanity number very effectively serves the purpose. Businesses using vanity 800 numbers instantly start receiving more business calls from potential clients as customers will not have to pay for the calls. Customers start using your vanity toll-free numbers for asking quotations, product details, ordering products and seeking customer support. These specialized numbers makes customers feel bonded towards your brand name.

Benefits of toll free vanity numbers:

  • The first and foremost benefit of vanity numbers is that they are easy to remember over standard phone numbers. Consumers also respond better to these spelled out numbers. Vanity 800 numbers are 14 times easier to memorize than those long numerical numbers.
  • Vanity 800 number is a verified way to increase the response to any type of business promotion.
  • Toll free vanity number creates a powerful and memorable media campaign. It multiplies advertising and marketing efforts of a business. Vanity number is an effective tool of advertising that creates an instant brand name of your business.
  • Vanity numbers increase the response rate of advertisements by 30% or even more.
  • Toll free numbers reinforces the brand name every time it strikes the mind of audience.
  • Vanity numbers enhances the visibility, credibility and accessibility of any business.
  • Toll free vanity number gives instant brand name recognition and prestige to the businesses using it and this is undoubtedly the topmost advantage of owning a vanity number.
  • Vanity phone numbers are easy to set up and can be used by everyone. They are also cost effective because less money is involved in setting up a toll free number.
  • Vanity 800 number makes businesses look national and professional and gives positive customer oriented image.
  • Vanity number also increases advertising by word of mouth by making use of referral technique which is the most effective and trusted form of marketing.
  • Toll free vanity numbers tells the whole world about your business existence and exactly answer the questions like who you are, what you do and how to reach you?
  • Vanity phone numbers are permanent and are not affected by area codes and new locations.
  • Toll free number helps any business to stand out in this highly competitive world of business.