How will a good Vanity Number help my business?



Since, the only ideal way to maximize customer base is through marketing, vanity toll-free numbers promise to rapidly expand marketing potential of your organization. In addition to marketing across traditional platforms, you want to give customers a point of contact, which they can carry back in their memory and can use to communicate with you whenever they desire. In this case, vanity numbers with the alpha-numeric property have become skin savers.

When it relates to your business, it’s basically branding that you are gunning for. A good vanity toll-free number is thus very important. A well thought up vanity number not only gives your customers a free method to contact you, it also leaves a lasting impression on them. The vanity number name recognition makes your business more identifiable amid customers – here’s how:

• Brand recognition

Just as good domain name makes a decent impression online, a good vanity number creates prestige instantly. This is true with all kinds of vanity numbers, which then promote brand recognition, since these numbers are easy to associate with and they are equally simple to remember.

• Wider reach and market presence

Who doesn’t want that additional edge over the competitors? A market where your business has far wider reach and presence! A good vanity number gives larger than life impression, it makes customers believe that you are an established business with larger prospective. As customers can reach you free of cost, any time they desire, you can reap benefits of direct marketing.

• Customer recognition and credibility

Vanity number plays a big role in increasing referral marketing for your business. Vanity numbers are an easy way to spread word-of-mouth and upsurge repeat customers. This is possible because using vanity number, customers can remember how to reach you for repeated orders, or to learn more about your services. And because vanity numbers are easy to remember your customers can tell others about how to reach you for the product or service you render.

• Increase customer response rate

Now that you have understood vanity numbers help business build stronger relations with customers, it is fitting to know that being toll-free and easy to remember, vanity numbers also increase the customer response ratio. Vanity number offers real-time call tracking reports and a considerable amount of advertising with a good vanity number can easily increase your business’ response rate by almost 20-40 percent and sometimes even more.

How to get a good vanity number to help your business?

One thing that we have repeatedly laid emphasis here in the article is on choice of good vanity number. Amid numerous 800 vanity numbers (or whatever the prefix), how do you put a finger on one number that can help you?

Vanity numbers as you understand are a combination of numbers and alphabets. Beginning with a prefix number, these can have useful words or numbers in an easy to recall combination. E.g. 800-DENTIST, 877-444-4000 or 800-490-SHOE.

  • You must ensure that the number you are choosing is relevant to your business and easy to remember. It should clearly convey what your business does.
  • Avoid using unique spelling and hybrid numbers which can be confusing to customers.
  • Look up for a service that can provide your combination of number at the least possible (lease or sale) price.
  • Pre-order the number, this will secure your desired number for your business.

Keeping these quick tips in mind, you will surely arrive at a good vanity number that can help your business grow manifold.