5 Ways Vanity Number Can Help Grow Your Business


sales-tools-sidebarEvery business wants to develop ways to make more customers, improve sales and increase overall profit. One of the most tested methods to successfully do it is a well-planned advertising and marketing strategy. This ensures that your product will reach as many potential customers as possible and become a brand with time.

Having a vanity 800 number is such an essential part of most business policies. In fact, many businesses have already taken vanity phone numbers that customers find quite convenient to remember and use. Plus, this highly effectual customer-response tool helps you in many ways to make your advertising strategies more efficient and reliable.

Keep Track of all Incoming Calls

Your marketing and advertising campaigns will not give expected results if you are not able to analyze how well your print ads, radio agrowing_businessnd TV spots are doing. To make your efforts fetch desired results, you can take a vanity 800 numbers that helps you carry out thorough tracking analysis of all your incoming calls.

All 800 vanity numbers generate call-tracking reports providing detailed and complete information regarding your incoming calls. This way you can easily figure out the location of your callers, which markets your business is doing excellent in. This also helps you identify the busiest times and where you need to put extra efforts in terms of advertisements and building customers.

Get Contacts and Profiles of Your Callers 

You may need contacts, addresses and demographic profiles of callers while preparing mail and advertising strategy. The detailed track of calls your vanity 800 number generates always has detailed information about your callers including their contact numbers, names, physical addresses, household incomes and home values.

You can utilize this information to make your advertisement and marketing campaign more authentic by making it fully based on real and precise demographic profiles and geographical locations. You’ll be able to predict where the customers that should be given more attention and promotional offers are located and what the overall scope of success for your promotion program is!

Call Recording for Customer Satisfaction and Quality Purpose

Quality of service is probably the first thing that decides the course of success or failure of a business. Considering this, you can try recording all the calls that come in. This will enable you to monitor the quality of sales and customer services you are offering.

Also, since your vanity number has all your caller and customer information in record, you can easily access it even if you could not note down contact details of a particular customer. So, all you have to do is play a recording whenever you need any important information that’s missing.


Improve Advertising Performance and Highlight Your Product

Apart from making your customer services a good user experience for your customers, your vanity 800 number works as an outstanding customer response tool while you advertise and market your product. Once people learn through ads that you have a toll free vanity number, you’ll register an increase in customer calls by over 60%. Also, these 1-800 vanity numbers help your customers know what you are offering and how they can contact you.

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