Small Business Owners Shifting to Social Media for success



Social media has become part of our everyday life. Some statistics suggest that over 20% of adults visit a social website every day and business brands increasingly use social platforms as a way of reaching out to their customer base. Many studies also show that social media interactions have a direct impact on consumer-buying choices, which is transforming the retail market, advertising and global business overall.

Most of small business owners understand the importance of social media and use it to yield real results such as gaining customer feedback and boosting sales and profitability. There are numerous benefits of social media marketing for small business owners; they just need to use them in a structured and goal-oriented way.

Social network platforms are a very effective way of creating a sense of community with customers and gaining feedback about your products, your service and your business. Social media offers a brilliant way to promote particular product benefits and specially to introduce new ones. Social media costs considerably less to get in touch with several hundred Facebook fans than it does to send them a mail shot by post. Social media keeps you well informed about what competing businesses are doing as well as providing market intelligence.

It won’t be wrong to say that we are fortunate to live in an age where powerful tools allow us to connect directly with customers and prospects.  Facebook, Google+, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are transforming businesses with little or no costs.

Benefits of Vanity Phone Numbers


A vanity number has manifold advantages for all business whether it’s a small business or a big business. Acquiring a vanity number has not only become a trend but a necessity too. Vanity number is a must-have marketing tool to make your business presence stronger and to emerge as a leader in the business world. By incorporating a vanity number into your marketing tactics will give your business a competitive edge over your competition.

A vanity number is a specialized type of number made to spell out a specific word – usually the company name, product name, product description or possibly the company’s acronym.Image

Many companies spend hefty amount of money just to get noticed and make customers remember their brand name. And vanity number very effectively serves the purpose. Businesses using vanity 800 numbers instantly start receiving more business calls from potential clients as customers will not have to pay for the calls. Customers start using your vanity toll-free numbers for asking quotations, product details, ordering products and seeking customer support. These specialized numbers makes customers feel bonded towards your brand name.

Benefits of toll free vanity numbers:

  • The first and foremost benefit of vanity numbers is that they are easy to remember over standard phone numbers. Consumers also respond better to these spelled out numbers. Vanity 800 numbers are 14 times easier to memorize than those long numerical numbers.
  • Vanity 800 number is a verified way to increase the response to any type of business promotion.
  • Toll free vanity number creates a powerful and memorable media campaign. It multiplies advertising and marketing efforts of a business. Vanity number is an effective tool of advertising that creates an instant brand name of your business.
  • Vanity numbers increase the response rate of advertisements by 30% or even more.
  • Toll free numbers reinforces the brand name every time it strikes the mind of audience.
  • Vanity numbers enhances the visibility, credibility and accessibility of any business.
  • Toll free vanity number gives instant brand name recognition and prestige to the businesses using it and this is undoubtedly the topmost advantage of owning a vanity number.
  • Vanity phone numbers are easy to set up and can be used by everyone. They are also cost effective because less money is involved in setting up a toll free number.
  • Vanity 800 number makes businesses look national and professional and gives positive customer oriented image.
  • Vanity number also increases advertising by word of mouth by making use of referral technique which is the most effective and trusted form of marketing.
  • Toll free vanity numbers tells the whole world about your business existence and exactly answer the questions like who you are, what you do and how to reach you?
  • Vanity phone numbers are permanent and are not affected by area codes and new locations.
  • Toll free number helps any business to stand out in this highly competitive world of business.


History of Vanity numbers


Vanity numbers are immensely popular with both big and small businesses. Vanity numbers are special telephone numbers that are toll free for the calling party and the charges are paid by the called party.  These toll-free numbers are assigned from a special dialing prefix range also known as area code such as 1-800, 800, 0800, 855, 866, 877 and 888.

Vanity numbers are also popular because they offer customers a free way to get in touch with the company to purchase products, ask questions to know more about products and services, request service and more. Toll free vanity numbers like 1-800-FLOWERS acts as a great marketing tool because it clearly spells out the company’s name and nature of business.

A toll-free service was originated in the United States on May 2, 1967 by AT&T as an alternative to collect calling and to reduce the need for operators. AT&T referred to the service as IN-WATS (Inward Wide-Area Telephone Service). In U.S. these numbers are known as toll-free numbers or 800 numbers, but for the rest of the world they were known as freephone numbers. 800 Toll-Free (Inward-WATS) was introduced in Canada during 1969-70.

As more businesses started recognizing the advantages of using toll free numbers they became very popular and demand for toll free 800 numbers raised immensely. And by 1996 the supply of 800 numbers was almost exhausted which resulted in the introduction of 888 numbers. However, demand continued to increase and in 1998, 877 numbers were also introduced. Afterwards 855 and 866 prefixes were also released to meet the increasing demand. 844, 833 and 822 are also reserved for toll free use.

Earlier these toll free vanity numbers weren’t portable but today they are portable thus not affected by area codes.

Definition of Vanity Numbers


Vanity numbers also known as phone words are alphanumeric equivalents of a telephone number.  A vanity phone number is a number that spells a particular word or phrase, usually a word or phrase that is related with that business product or service.

Vanity toll free number is a magical combination of letters and numbers that describes company name or business.  Such combination is easy to remember over random telephone numbers. Customers recognize vanity 800 numbers more as compared to a numeric phone number.

Vanity numbers are available with call screening, call recording, call forwarding, call tracking and auto attending of calls. These features act as a direct response tools allowing businesses to verify where their incoming call traffic is coming from.

Vanity 800 number helps in building company’s brand recognition. Due to increased memorability vanity numbers are most preferred by big business. In some cases high profile people and business tycoons also use vanity numbers because of the classy effect and luxurious element present in these numbers.

800, 888, 877, 866, and 855 toll free exchanges provide a number according to company’s need. These are very popular toll free numbers used in United States. Vanity numbers are toll free to the callers and are usually charged to the owner of the number. Vanity 800 numbers are easy to reach into the masses and are proven to increase response rates by 30-60%.

The most important benefit of vanity numbers is that they are cost effective business tools helping businesses directly or indirectly in increasing their sales and profit.