Definition of Vanity 800 Numbers


Vanity numbers or phonewords are also known as vanity 800 numbers in the USA. These toll free numbers are telephone numbers that consist of a word or phrase made up of the alphanumeric characters on a telephone keypad.

Vanity toll free number is a magical combination of letters and numbers that describes company name or business. For instance, if a business specializes in pet grooming may choose 1-800-PET-CARE or if a business deals in making and selling candies the company may choose 1-800-SWEET4U or 1-800-CANDY4U or if a business e


xists to repair automobiles may choose 1-800-FIX-CARS or 1-800-AUTOFIX.

Vanity numbers are easy to remember over random telephone numbers. Customers tend to recognize vanity 800 numbers more as compared to a numeric phone number such as 1-866-348-7934. Businesses use easily recognizable 1-800 vanity numbers as a branding and a direct response tool in their advertising tactics.

Vanity 800 numbers are also available with call screening, call recording, call forwarding, call tracking and auto attending of calls and these features act as a direct response tools allowing Vanity Phone Numberbusinesses to verify where their incoming call traffic is coming from.

Call tracking details allows businesses owners to assemble a database of leads, access demographic information on callers, examine a wide range of call data, better allocate personnel based on calling patterns, analyze advertisement campaign results and export data into other programs.

With the increasing popularity of vanity 800 numbers many businesses has started targeting phone and web users together by linking vanity toll free number to a web site of the same text. For instance, Caramel has vanity number 1800-Caramel and the web site .

How to Get Vanity numbers?


Vanity numbers are alphanumeric equivalents of a telephone number. Vanity toll free number is a combination of letters and numbers that spells a particular word or phrase, usually a word or phrase that is related with that business product or service. Using these catchy words and phrases make vanity number easy to remember over standard phone numbers. Small business marketing strategies are very much affected by the use of vanity numbers in their businesses.


Vanity number helps in generating additional sales and avenues if selected properly. Before choosing a vanity number business owner should kept in mind the type of business he is into and the audience he wants to target. Words or phrases used in vanity number should not be homophones and mistakenly spelled words. Vanity numbers must be easy to comprehend when read aloud in verbal conversations or displayed in an electronic media.  While you select the body of vanity number keep two or three options handy with you because there might be the possibility that the combination of number, word or phrase chosen by you might be in use. There are many 800 vanity number service providers around you and approach one of them with the selected vanity numbers.


You need to make certain things clear to the service provider regarding the toll free number selected by you like what is your budget, how much will be the usage of vanity number and features to be incorporated in vanity number. Keeping all these things in mind the service provider will give you the best vanity number suiting you business or need. You can even lease a number from your service provider. Many companies that provide vanity numbers specialize in the set up of toll free numbers and can route calls depending on the time of the day or on the basis of caller id of the caller. In some cases vanity numbers are shared between clients that are used within certain geographic areas. Many service providers have started providing low cost vanity numbers to their customers through computer based telephony where calls are send to computer or interne phone using internet connections. Toll free vanity numbers are issued on first come first serve basis by the service provider.


Carefully and properly selected vanity numbers helps in generating additional sales and avenues and promoting your business. 800 vanity numbers also helps in creating a powerful and memorable media campaign. Toll free vanity numbers improves the visibility, credibility and accessibility of your business. The best thing about vanity numbers is that they are permanent and are not affected by area codes and new locations. Another striking thing about vanity toll free numbers is that the charges of calling are paid by the called party instead of the calling party. 800 vanity numbers are cost-effective and easy to set-up and can be used by everyone for any purpose.

Latest Marketing Tips for Business


No business can survive without performing marketing, advertising and branding activities. Many businesses spend a lot of money on business branding, marketing etc. to generate immediate and future sales. There are some traditional, conventional and proven ways of marketing and advertising but it is worth trying latest marketing techniques for the growth of your business.

Internet marketing is the latest marketing technique these days. Participating in social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinekdIn, sending e-mails, writing content and blog, taking online interviews, publishing press releases, guest posting etc. are the most happening activities on internet.

Participating in social activities for example bringing up some talent and sponsoring the talent or organizing health camps, promoting educational activities, showing your presence in local fairs and festivals, donating charity, joining hands with the organizations, NGO’s who works for the upliftment of society and environment etc. are some other business promoting activities.

Another latest trend of marketing is involving some high profile person or a big shot from the public domain and designating him or her as a brand ambassador or brand advocate.

The last but not the least latest marketing tip is owning a vanity number to promote your business or company. This is the most cost-effective tool of promoting and branding your business. A vanity number makes your brand name or business easily memorable because of the combination of numbers and catchy phrases used in it. Toll free gives prestige, credibility and accessibility to any business. It easily and effectively increases the customer base of any company or business which ultimately enhances the profitability of the company.

Branding Your Business


The term brand or branding is essential part of every business whether it’s a small business or a big multi-national corporation. Branding has become necessary for almost every business as no business can succeed without it or say it’s an identity of your business. But first we need to know what actually branding means and how it can benefit your business?

There are several definitions of branding. According to American Marketing Association (AMA) brand or branding is a “name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers.”

Branding of any company or product can even extend to a logo or a symbol. The company’s logo or symbol is also a powerful tool of branding. People who are generally aware about any particular company can identify the company or its products by having a look at its logo or symbol alone.

Here is Various Point which helps how branding benefits your businesses: –

  • Branding increases public awareness of your business name and logo.
  • Branding highlights key differences of your business that outshines you from your competition.
  • Branding delivers your company’s message clearly.
  • Branding can even connect your target customers emotionally to your business and motivates loyalty and trust in your existing customers.
  • Branding helps in building the “good will” portion of any company.
  • Branding can create an image of experience and reliability because branded company’s products or services are generally considered more trustworthy than any unbranded business.