Vanity Numbers and Business Promotion go hand in hand


If you think that vanity number is just like any other ordinary phone number then you might be missing out on a very potent tool for business promotion. As you know that vanity numbers are associated with easy remember ability and recall rate in the mind of the customers or ones who can be prospect customers in the future. If one chooses a vanity number that exactly portrays what the brand is about then it can be one of the most effective tools in promoting ones business among the masses without much effort. As a part of business promotion vanity numbers can be used with television media, newspaper, hoardings or billboards along with other advertising media.

For any type of business the most important thing is to create a positive brand image and recall ability in mind of customers so that they associate themselves with the brand name. To do this one has to promote the brand in a very measured manner so that there are no blemishes in the image which tarnishes the prospects of the brand beyond repair. Having a vanity number makes sure your business promotion strategies are finely in tune with your sales goals and it also gives your brand recognition amongst customers. Vanity numbers have been known to increase business promotion results and consequently sales by almost three times, so you can get an idea of the potential they carry when it comes to business promotion.

Vanity 800 numbers can be a vital marketing tool


Vanity 800 numbers have picked up pace and are readily getting the nod from big business houses as well as small business firms as they realize the importance of having one to shoot their business into the realms of success. As a business owner you know the importance of getting your brand, business model or product into the eyes of the end-user so that they voice their opinion. When it comes to direct brand-to-customer engagement, a vanity 800 number comes in very handy as a good marketing tool for increasing the visibility of your brand and ultimately generate more profits for you.

# Using vanity 800 number as your potent marketing tool                        

  • Choose a vanity phone number that best represents your business genre and brand value for example a vanity number 1-800-PICK-UPS clearly shows that it will be something related to pick-up trucks and vehicles.
  • Choose the best advertising media tools for increasing the visibility of your Vanity number so that customer has it on the back of their mind and dial in instantly in case they have a query.
  • Don’t overdo your vanity number advertising campaigns as it may irritate the end-user and switch to some other company for their needs.

In the  recent times vanity 800 numbers have shown great success when it comes to increasing sales and taking the business to a whole new level, so get your business a good vanity number and be amazed by the kind of success you achieve.

Using vanity phone numbers for effective lead generation


In today’s competitive environment if you really want to standout in a congenial and competitive business arena then you have to make all the right moves to achieve so. Vanity numbers have come to the foray in last few years as one of the most important lead generation tools for businesses which rely heavily on getting in contact with prospect customers. Vanity phone numbers for example 1-800-NEW-CARS have been proven to be very successful in generating exponential leads for a car auto business than any other marketing tool. The logic is simple the people come to know about your business; the more likely it is that they will become prospect customers.

# Why Vanity 800 numbers are used in lead generation campaigns

  • Due to the easy recalling factor vanity numbers are effective in luring in more and more people towards the brand or product.
  • The association of a vanity number with a good business or upmarket business trend lends the psyche in prospect customers mind that they are investing their time and money in a quality brand.
  • Increased leads means that the number of sales and profits data will automatically increase as the probability of selling a good product to the customer will increase.

# Using Vanity numbers for lead generation

One can use Vanity 800 numbers for lead generation by advertising the vanity number in radio ads, TV ads, promotional campaigns or placing vanity number in clear bold letters on hoardings.